Thursday, May 19, 2011

Want to bea mod ? agent ? comment here :)

Hello this is fairyx im the main owner of chewybots and my friend sonic is a main owner to!
Have fun!
me and sonic will pic the winners
-Chewyteam |fairyx|Chewyboy!


  1. May I be a mod? I am very nice and follow rules. I can do anything to help. But please promise me that this game will actually come out.

  2. I would like to be a mod :)
    I am very good at following rules and im responsible:)

  3. Hello ChewyBots team! This sounds like an amazing game, and I'd like to help out! If you would kindly make me a mod, I could do a lot of the things that mods do! Watch over all the ChewyBots, and make sure everything is running smoothly! If you do not have enough slots then I would gladly take the job of an agent instead ;-)


  4. Hi ChewyBots team, I would like to be a mod.I understand if you don't choose me,but I'd like you to hear me out before you decide.I have some nice qualities for a moderator or agent, and I can deal with any bad people.I can go on every day and I am an experienced blogger.Also,the Agent role is good too,but I'd like the moderator position better.So thank you for hearing my word.

  5. Hai Chewy Team :D I Would Like To Be An Agent, I Would Really Be Grateful If I Became One! :) I Promess I Will Do The Best I Can! :) Thanks For Reading o.o

    Garysensei11! :)

  6. i wanna be 1 2 pweaseeee

    i never win anything